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My name is Shodan Nayak from Mangalore, Karnataka State- India.

Shodan.in was started on January 2008 as a personal blog. But, I never focused on blogging personal Articles. I blog about whatever I find interesting in the World Wide Web. This blog covers articles about Cool Gadgets, How To’s, Software Reviews, Web tools, Funny Happenings…..

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Apart, from day job as a NOC System Engineer. I am also a FreeLancer and run an unmanaged Linode, FsckVPS, Slicehost VPS configuration and Maintenance Service. You can check my portfolio at iVPS.in/portfolio.html

I also own a Technology Blog known as BlogHiFi.com

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Hi, I’m Mahesh Nayak also known as Milan. I’m a Tech Writer currently pursuing M.C.A.

After completing my Graduation i worked in a Hosting Company as a NOC (Network Operations Center) Engineer for 2 years. After quitting my Job i decided to focus more on my studies and web presence.

I believe Blogging is an excellent platform, which could be used to share our knowledge regarding latest technology or events taking place in the real world.

In my free time i enjoy Swimming and Listening to Music.

Milan is my nickname and I like to use it as my identity in the Internet and blogging community.

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