Windows 7

Can i install Windows 7 OEM on new Hard Disk of a Dell Laptop ?

Windows 7 Home PremiumMost Dell Laptops come pre-installed with Windows 7 Operating System. This copy of Windows 7 is provided as OEM license and customers will not be able to install this on any other computer or laptop.

Now what if the Hard Disk of Laptop gets crashed ?

Obviously, we will replace it with new Hard Disk but it will not be pre-installed with any operating system.

We pay Dell for Windows 7 OEM License but once we change the Hard Disk we will have to once again pay for new copy of Windows 7, that’s unfair.

If we call Dell support they will mislead us to buy a new Dell Hard Disk that is pre-installed with Windows 7 OEM which costs more.

The fact is even though Windows 7 is installed in Hard Disk, authentication takes place through BIOS which is installed in Motherboard.

So if you get a new Hard Disk you can install Windows 7 OEM using a CD or by downloading Dell Windows 7 Home Premium iso from internet.

Once you install the Operating System it will auto detect your system and activate Product Key.