How to chat with Whatsapp Contacts from your Desktop

whatsapp-logoWhatsapp one of the most popular mobile messaging application has launched its desktop version. Best part of this release is that its web based works via Google Chrome Browser, so Linux and Mac users need not wait for compatible version.

Just click on this link, you will come across a QR code, scan it using Whatsapp that is installed in your Smartphone. To do this, open Whatsapp click on Menu and select Whatsapp web, this will open QR code scanner.

( Requires Latest Version of Whatsapp )

Once your mobile number is verified, you can start using Whatsapp right from your Desktop.

But there are many drawbacks, the web based version expects your smartphone to be connected to Internet irrespective of active Internet connection in your Desktop PC.

Which means that if your Smartphone battery is low and is about to switch off then Desktop version of Whatsapp won’t work.

I believe Desktop version of Whatsapp will be helpfulĀ to those who find it difficult to type via Smartphone.