Display CPU and Graphics Temperature in Ubuntu 14.04

temp-ubuntuUbuntu 14.04 is the latest version of Ubuntu Operating System, its faster and smoother than older version with minor changes in design like sidebar.

By now Ubuntu has many of softwares available at Ubuntu Software Center like Office Applications, Media Players, Encryption Tools and even alternative for ccleaner.

But application which displays CPU and Graphics Temperature of your PC or Laptop is missing. If you are tired of searching for Hardware sensor in Ubuntu Software Center then you can try Alex Murray’s Hardware Sensors Indicator.

This simple Tool will display CPU and Graphics  Temperature in Menubar. There are also options to set Alarm Notification when Temperature crosses average limit.

To install latest version of Hardware Sensors Indicator, click on Dash > type ‘Software & Updates‘ > click on ‘Other Software‘ > ‘Add‘ Button. Paste below line


Click on ‘Add Source‘ button and ‘Reload

Now login to Terminal as a root user and run

apt-get update

apt-get install indicator-sensors

This will install Hardware Sensors Indicator, one of the easiest way to know your CPU and Graphics card temperature.