Change Default Operating System and Timeout Period in Linux

Boot LoaderLaptop or PC user with Dual Operating system will be familiar with Boot Loader, a program that helps select desired operating system like Ubuntu Linux or Windows 7.

Boot loader will list the number of Operating system available and highlight the Default O.S to be loaded. There is also a Timeout period may be 10 second which will give you enough time to choose Operating system of your choose.

If you are not comfortable with default Operating System highlighted by Grub loader and Timeout Period, you can change these settings anytime by editing grub conf file.

Login to your Linux Operating system ( Ubuntu ), click on ‘Terminal‘ and type ‘su‘ and your root password.

Then type

cd /boot/grub/

Here you will find a file named ‘grub.cfg‘ which will be edited to make changes to boot loader.

chmod 777 grub.cfg

Click on ‘Home Folder‘ > ‘File System‘ > ‘Boot‘ > ‘grub‘. Open ‘grub.cfg‘ file with any file editor.

There is a line named  set default=”5″  . Here number 5 denotes 6th line of Grub Loader because the count starts from 0.

So, if you want Ubuntu as default operating system and its listed first in the Grub Boot loader, then replace number “5” with “0”

Now to make changes to Timeout period. Find line which starts with “set timeout=10“, change it to 60, this will extend Timeout period upto 1 minute.