List of Samsung Products to be banned in US by Apple

Samsung Vs Apple

The latest hearing on Patent War is a huge victory to Apple Inc against Samsung. The case was mainly based on Apple Inc claiming Samsung to have infringed its Design and Utility Patents.

The entire verdict has ended up with Samsung paying $1.05 Billion to Apple Inc along with few Samsung Products being banned in US.

Here is a list of Samsung Products which Apple is planning to Ban in USA.

Galaxy S 4G

Galaxy S2 (AT&T)

Galaxy S2 (Skyrocket)

Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile)

Galaxy S2 Epic 4G

Galaxy S Showcase

Droid Charge

Galaxy Prevail

But to get these above products banned, Apple Inc will have to prove damages caused by these devices.

Apple Inc had also planned to ban Samsung Galaxy S3 but Judge Lucy Koh’s work schedule was overloaded due to already pending Patent charges. As a result, Apple decided to give up its request on banning Samsung Galaxy S3 during its release on June 21.