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SmilingCloud is an online Operating System with 3GB Storage

CloudCloud Storage is a service that allows users to store data online. The data will be replicated in many servers so that in case of any data loss the files can be re-stored from backup server.

There are many Cloud Storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, Mozy etc and few among them also provide Cloud Computing to edit documents like Google Docs.

Symplyos has gone one step forward by providing an online operating system known as SmilingCloud. Here the entire O.S is hosted online and users can do every work that could be done in traditional Operating system.


SmilingCloud has many widgets installed like Office to edit documents, Calendar, Image Editing tools, Video Player, Games like Prince of Persia along with 3GB free storage to store files and folders.

The team behind development of SmilingCloud is Symplyos, which is well known for creating an Free Operating System Symplyos.

One of the drawbacks of SmilingCloud O.S is that to Login you will need an operating system and a web browser. It isn’t like Chrome OS which boots in 8 seconds and can be accessed from any computer without Operating System.

But anyways users can make best of use of online widgets like Office and also 3GB storage to store files.