Steve Jobs The Apple Genius is Dead

Steve JobsSteve Jobs the co-founder of Apple Computers was announced dead on Oct 5, 2011. Jobs had been suffering from rare pancreatic cancer and had been on treatment for a long time.

Steve Jobs had recently resigned from his post as Apple’s CEO to focus more on his health, leaving Tim Cook as acting CEO of Apple Inc.

During his Lifetime, Steve Jobs had contributed a lot to the development of Apple Computers. With launch of innovative products like Apple iPhone, iPod, Mac and iPad, Apple Computers was back on list of America’s most valuable companies.

There are many interesting facts about Steve Jobs. When he was young, Steve Jobs had come to India and visited many Ashrams here. He then returned to California with his head shaved off being a follower of Buddhism.

Even though Steve Jobs is died today, he will always be remembered by his fans all over the world for his speech, innovation and entrepreneurship.