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Google Doodle Dedicated for Tinkle Creator Anant Pai

Amar Chitra KathaToday’s Google Doodle commemorates birthday of Anant Pai the creator of Tinkle Comics. The doodle has an image of Anant pai sitting in his office accompanied by another image with his hands on heap. The Google logo passes through the entire image in background.

You must have enjoyed reading stories of Suppandi, Kalia the Crow and Shikari Shambu. They were all part of Tinkle Comics whose founder was Anant Pai.


I never knew that it was Indian who was behind Tinkle Comics up until Anant Pai had one fine day come to our school to share his life experiences.

He said that children preferred calling him Uncle Pai and was talking about success of Amar Chitra Katha.