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Get Shortened Google Plus Profile URL with NickName

gplusGoogle Plus a social networking site launched by Google is getting lots of attention worldwide. Within few days of launch it already has 10 Million users.

Google Plus has interesting features like Circles, Hangout and Streams. But if you have a look at Google Plus Profile URL its bit long and full of random numbers.

You can now shorten the lengthy Google Plus Profile URL using Google Plus Nick.

Google Plus Nick

Google Plus Nick is free online service that will shorten and add nickname to your Google Plus Profile URL.

Just copy the lengthy random numbers from Google Plus Profile URL ( ) and paste it on form tab named ‘Your Google+ ID‘. Choose your Nickname and press ‘Add‘ button.

This will create a shortened URL for your Google Plus Profile (

You can then use this shortened Google Plus Profile URL to share it with friends or display it in a website.

  • so I used the shortener once and it worked. Now I want to use it again but it says my nickname is already in use. What am I missing? How do I re-use, save, find the shortened version again? I’m obviously confused. Is there a toolbar button for quickly accessing the shortened ID again? Help, I’m lost.

  • The website url actually wont be It will be like

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