Create RSS Feed for any WebSite with FeedDude

Feed LogoRSS Feed is one of the easiest ways of staying in touch with latest happenings on Internet. Technology blog, Entertainment Blog or any news website will have its own RSS Feed.

In order to stay in touch with latest posts all you have to do is subscribe to their RSS Feed using any Feed Client like Google Reader, Feedlooks or FeedDemon.

There are certain websites that do not provide RSS Feed Subscription. In such case you can create your own RSS Feed URL for desired websites using FeedDude.

Feed Dude

FeedDude is a free online service that will create RSS Feed for any website.

All you have to do is paste the URL of desired website and click on ‘Get RSS‘ button.

This will generate a new Feed URL. Just click on it and select Feed Reader of your choice to continue with subscription.