Google Translator flaw Translates “Suresh Raina” as “Sachin Tendulkar”

Everyday we use Google Translator to translate text from foreign to native language. Result will always be satisfactory because the translated word is in Foreign Language.

But the below example will prove how inaccurate Google Translator is.
Try translating “Suresh Raina is God” from English to Serbian. Copy the result and once again translate it from Serbian to English the result should be the same.

But you will be shocked to see the result it says “Sachin Tendulkar is God” instead of expected result “Suresh Raina is God”. You may think this is the only one flaw in Google translator but no there are many.

I myself tried translating “Shodan” from English to Chinese. Then copied the result and translated it back to English. The result should have been “Shodan” but it showed “Satan”.

I hope Google will fix this very soon.