Motorola Xoom Tablets for Google Employees says Motorola CEO

Motorola XoomMotorola had recently launched its Tablet PC running on Android Honeycomb Operating System. It gained huge attention due its unique Hardware and Android Version.

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha has announced that they are in talk with many enterprises on purchase of tens of thousands of Motorola Xoom Tablets.

When asked about the name of enterprise, Sanjay Jha jokingly said that one of those companies is Google.

Motorola Xoom

From many years, Motorola has been supporting and improving open source technology.

After the release of its own Tablet PC, Motorola is working on improving the security shortcomings in Android Devices.

“Security is important. We have a level of security that CIOs need and with 3LM we feel pretty good we can deliver that,” Jha said.