Latest Avast AntiVirus 6.0 with SandBox and Site Blocking Feature

Avast LogoAvast has launched latest Version of its AntiVirus 6.0 with advanced features like Auto SandBox and Site Blocking.

Auto Sandbox will identify suspicious malware files and execute it in virtual environment. If it is found to be dangerous then the virtual machine will shut down keeping user’s PC safe.

WebRep is yet another advanced feature that will work on Search Engine Results identifying malicious websites based on CommunityIQ data.

Avast Antivirus 6.0
Avast AntiVirus 6.0 also includes Web and Script Shields that will provide protection to users PC from both http as well as browser level.

If you want to block any website then you can do so with a new feature named ‘Site Blocking’.

Overall Avast AntiVirus is one of the very few AntiVirus software packed with advanced features and at the same time is free of cost.

Download Avast AntiVirus 6.0