How to Create / Delete Friends List in FaceBook

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Certain postings in your ‘FaceBook Wall’ may not entertain every friend of yours in FaceBook.

After recent changes in FaceBook Privacy Settings, a new feature has been added that will help users from displaying only a part of profile to selected group of friends and hiding it from others.

Friends List’ in FaceBook, will help users from sharing only a part of profile with certain group of friends.

Say for example you have created Friends List named ‘A’ and ‘B’. If in case you want only Friends in ‘Group A’ to watch Wall Posts or Photos, then you can do so by assigning a customized permissions in Privacy Settings.

To create a Friends List, just click on ‘Account’ Tab in Top Left Corner and select ‘Edit Friends’.

Click on ‘Create a List’ and set a name. Add a group of friends by clicking on ‘Add Multiple’. You can also get rid of existing ‘Friends List’ by selecting ‘Delete List’ link located at the bottom of the page.

To improve your Account Privacy Settings.

Just go to ‘Privacy Settings’ > ‘Customize Settings’. Click on ‘Customize’ and select ‘Specific People’.

Type name of the ‘Friends List’ in form box. This will assign special permissions to friends in the mentioned list and only friends in this list can watch photos or any other contents.