How to Remove or Uninstall IE 9 Beta from Windows 7

IE 9 LogoMicrosoft’s latest Windows 7 Operating System is pre packed with IE 8 browser. Internet Explorer 8 has many improvements when compared to previous version in terms of Speed, Security and Compatibility.

To make browsing more easier, Microsoft had recently launched Internet Explorer version 9.

IE 9 has been completely re-designed with lighter look and easy to use interface. It is quite faster than any other previous version and also supports Add-ons.

IE 9 is still in its beta version and if you are not happy with the beta release, you can switch back to Default IE 8 Browser anytime.

Since, Internet Explorer 9 is a beta release it will be installed as an update and you will not find an option to remove or uninstall Internet Explorer 9 from Windows 7.

So to Remove or Uninstall IE 9, all you have to do is go to ‘Control Panel’ and click on ‘Windows Update’. Here at the bottom left corner you will find an option ‘Installed Updates’ click on it. This will open new window with installed updates. Right Click on ‘Windows Internet Explorer 9’ and select uninstall.

IE9 will be completely removed from your Windows 7 operating system and you can switch back to default IE 8.