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Free Download Beta Version of Winamp Music Player app for Android

Winamp LogoWinamp Music Player is one of the oldest music players used in Desktop P.C, well known for its high quality playback and stylish themes.

Winamp Music Player is now available as an Android App. With unique Wi-Fi Desktop Sync feature that allows users to sync Playlist between Cell phone and Desktop P.C.

Winamp Fans can anymore enjoy listening to high quality music in Android. Playlist Management Queue makes it easier to select and sort tracks. Playing favourite tracks has been made easy with options to add playlist shortcuts and Widget player to the Android Home Screen.

Winamp For Android

If in case you are in search of more info on current track being played then press and hold the song to find it in Youtube, Pandora and Amazon MP3 Store.

The application also supports scrobbling with app, storing history of every song being played in your cell phone.

Winamp Music Player app for Android is in beta version and available for Free Download.