Translate Google docs Documents into different Languages

A Google docs now supports translation. You can translate Google docs Documents into different languages. Just open a document, click on ‘Tools and ‘Translate Documents’. Here, you will find a huge list of foreign languages like French, German, Hebrew, Hindi etc.

When you select any one of these languages, a new window with translated text will be displayed. For example, if you have chosen to translate document to Hindi, then the document with the Hindi text will appear.

Here, you will find two options. First One is ‘Replace original document with this translation’, if you click on this option. The original document will be replaced by the translated document. This means that the original document will be lost.

Second option is bit safer i.e. ‘Copy to new document’. This will create a new document and copy translated document into it.

With this new feature, it will be easier for ‘Google Docs’ users to share their documents with friends and colleagues, who speak and understand foreign languages.