Jayadeep Said,
September 6th, 2009 @11:25 am  

Is this release date and price confirmed? Isn’t the release in October, in the major markets? I’ve been looking online and I haven’t found anything official that confirms the Indian launch so I am just curious.

vinod Said,
September 24th, 2009 @4:11 pm  

Nokia India website doesn’t show this even as upcoming mobile phone.

goutham Said,
November 11th, 2009 @11:25 am  

hi i heard that n900 wil be launching in india by the end of jan-2010 and costs 34k
have to wait for a long time……

rajat.pugalia Said,
February 17th, 2010 @12:47 am  

when r u launching N900 in india…

sam Said,
May 14th, 2010 @1:32 pm  

can i use an external memory device of 350 GB with the set N 900 as i use in my laptop’s USB drive ?

Indian Said,
September 18th, 2010 @11:48 am  

Nokia N900 is amazingly good as its image quality is superb as it is enhanced with 5 megapixels camera. The image quality and colors are pretty good and very decent too. Thus in a nutshell the phone worth with all the necessary features and I would love to go for it.

dane Said,
April 12th, 2011 @12:18 pm  

hey wat is the price of n-900………………..