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Download BOSS 3.0 Linux – Bharat Operating Systems Solutions

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing has launched GNU/Linux software version 3.0 of Bharat Operating Systems Solutions (BOSS) Indian Version of Linux, developed by NRCFOSS.

BOSS version 3.0 supports wide Indian language and mainly targets Indian Government users. The main objective of this new version is to enable Non-English Speakers access to latest technology and eliminate piracy.

The features include GIMP (Image Editor), Firefox Version 3.0, Support for 18 Indian languages, Bluetooth, Feed Reader and a PDF Viewer.

BOSS was developed by National Resource Center for Free/Open Source Software (NRCFOSS).

NRCFOSS has been promoted by the Department of information technology and supported by Anna University, Chennai.

One central goal of BOSS is to provide an open source Linux “alternative to using illegal unlicensed proprietary software,” says C-DAC.

Click here to download BOSS 3.0 Linux