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Order Free Windows Home Server 120 Days Evaluation DVD Kit

Windows Home Server Windows Servers are used at many offices all over the world. Now, itโ€™s time to use a Windows Home Server. As the name itself says, Windows Home Server is specially meant it to be used at Home.

With Windows Media Server you can easily and safely store digital Photos, Movies and any other files. All these files and Photos can be easily accessed from any computer on your home network. If you own an Xbox 360, it will be easier for to watch photo slideshow and listen to your music collection. You can also watch recorded TV shows and movies on your television using Windows Media Server.

Windows Home Server will automatically create an image based daily backup of every computer on your network, so in case of Hard Drive failure all these data can be easily recovered. You can also create a personalized website address and use it to download or upload files to the folders in Windows Home Server.

Microsoft is offering Windows Home Server free of Charge. You can try this copy of Windows Home Server for 120 Days.

I myself ordered a copy of Windows Home Server for personal use and the copy was delivered to me within days that too free of delivery or any other Charges.

You can see the snap of the Whole Kit and DVD’s which I have received.

order Windows Home Server

The entire kit consists of:

Windows Home Server Installation DVD
Windows Home Server Connector CD
Home Computer Restore CD.

To order the copy Click Here

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