khaiser M.A Said,
March 14th, 2009 @7:22 am  

The i-phone price was fixed too much ie, Rs 31000/- whereas in US its getting $199 only is equivalent to indian Rs.10,000/- this is quite reasonable. Here indian market is verybad and the government is also not takeing any steps on prices they fixed.

I’ll buy this product when the price come down to Rs.10000/-. Defenietly it will come down, becouse indian markets are not stable.

My personal advice to the youngsters, if u dont buy the i-phone now, tomorrow it come down the with new price……

Isaac raj kumar Said,
March 27th, 2010 @3:21 pm  

Price comparison between developed economy and developing economies is a myth in this case. I hope that exploitation of consumers by mobile operators is not a good sign. just stay from some time. let the price comedown. put demand under halt for a while. you will get a moderate price this sleek gadget.