Create Your Family Tree at Family Network Website is social network site for your extended family. In this website, you can create your own family tree with a few clicks completely free of charge.

First enter your name and email address, then add your parents, your kids, your grandparents etc.


The added relatives can be invited automatically via email. This way, a family network can be build up quickly by means of the family tree. Each person’s node expands to a full profile with fields for the Birth date, Place of birth, a photo, Last Name, Current location etc.

I am sure that this website will be most liked in India, because even today Joint Family System prevails in India.

The user can write provide personal information’s like hobbies, favorite books, movies, music, place of Education etc and share it with the family members.

There are various possibilities for active users to add information on living or deceased relatives such as photos, birth places or hobbies. All information in the family trees is only visible to family members that have been invited previously.

Once you begin to add your parents, kids, sisters, brothers and grandparents the family tree will expand in a dynamic, drag and drop, zoom in and out interface.

The result is a good-looking visualization of your ancestry. Filling in the blanks becomes addictive quickly.

There are added features like Calendar, which will help you remind Birthday’s of your Grand Parent’s and through message service, you can send messages to your relatives and friends.

After the launch of this website in English. Christian Richtscheid, Manager in charge of the international website explains: “In most countries, the family is the core of society. This fact, in connection with English as the world language, opens an extremely wide-spread target group all over the world.” operates several different sites which cater to different languages and countries like Brazil, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, and Spain.

Signing up is free, and currently the site doesn’t charge any fees for any of its services.