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Google has Unveiled Google Earth API and Browser Plugin

Use Google Earth from your browser, by installing the Plug-in which works in Firefox and Internet Explorer. The plugin makes it easy to use Google Earth without installing the application.


Google also launched an JavaScript API that lets you interact with the globe, draw markers and lines, drape images over the terrain, add 3D models, or load KML files, add layers or integrate with Google Maps allowing you to build sophisticated 3D map applications.

“The Google Earth Plug-in and its APIs lets you embed the full power of Google Earth and its 3D rendering capabilities into your web pages.”

The Google Earth API will allow web developers to quickly and easily turn their web pages into 3D map applications with only a few lines of code.

With this latest extensive JavaScript API, you can control the camera, import 3D models from the web and overlay them anywhere on the planet.

It also allows a user to build 3D Google Sky i.e. to overlay content over different planets, stars, and galaxies by toggling Sky mode.

All these changes were done with an intention of creating great geo-based 3D application, and change how we view the world.

Download plugin at

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