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How to Import and Export Bookmarks

delicious_logoDo you find any of your bookmarks very important and is there any need to access those websites very often. Then, you may find it very difficult to access it whenever you want, because you will have to login to your account and then click on your favorite bookmarks.

What if those bookmarks were part of your web browser? Yes, it is possible. Just export your bookmarks to your Internet Explorer web browser. Bookmarks to your web browser

Login to your account .Go to settings, choose export / backup and click on ‘export to html’ option.


The browser will ask your permission to save the file, as you click the save button, the entire bookmarks will be saved in your desktop. Then just open your Internet Explorer browser, click on Import the file as shown in the picture below.

Bookmarks from your Browser to

If you have bookmarks stored in your browser, you can use import / upload tool to transfer a copy of them into Then, you’ll be able to access those bookmarks from any computer connected to the internet and share them with your friends and other people.

First, open your Internet Explorer browser and click on export favorites options, the file will be saved in your desktop. Then log in to your account, go to settings, click on import / upload option and choose your bookmark file, which you had recently saved in your desktop.

Finally, click on ‘import now’, all your bookmarks will be saved in the account.

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