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Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Now

Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) beta version has been unveiled by Microsoft corp. on Wednesday. This next generation web browser is said to follow World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards followed by FireFox and Safari web browsers.

Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) has some special features , like right-clicking on a Web page will give average web users more “to-do” options , compared to previous version of Internet Explorer 7 . Users will be able to “Send to Face book,” “Map with Live Search” or “Define with” with a click.

Internet Explorer 8 also provides support for Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) 2.1, Web developer tools to quickly debug HTML, CSS and scripts in a visual environment

This changes were made due to the bad image the previous Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) had on web developers . Websites which followed Standard code , was compatible with browsers like Mozilla FireFox and Apple Safari . But was not compatible with Internet Explorer (IE7). The matter got worse when Norwegian browser developer Opera Software ASA filed a complaint in late 2007 against Microsoft for not following Open Internet Standards.

Internet Explorer 8 is also said have features which would help users to find items available in eBay and Stumbleupon , with a single ‘ Right Click’ .The favourites button which stores the list of favourite websites also has special features which would allow user to add contents like feeds , Webslices , documents from Microsoft Excel , Word , PowerPoint etc.

Webslices is a new feature similar to that used in RSS Feed , which allows users to subscribe directly from a Web Page . And the web pages which are subscribed will be added to the favourites.

This special feature allows a user to have updates of sites which he regularly visits right at his fingertips without navigating to the respective sites.

In order to subscribe to a slice , it must be discovered . The discovery is quite easy as IE8 will display a special symbol if a page offers a Web slice.

To download Internet Explorer Beta 1 follow the given links:

For Windows XP SP2 –

For Windows Vista –

Make sure to read the Disclaimer before installing Internet Explorer Beta 1.

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