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HeidiSQL – MySQL made easy

heidisql_logoHeidiSQL is a brilliant, simple and free open source SQL tool for easy management of your MySQL server and databases. It does exactly what you expect it to – and a few extra things. It allows you to browse your databases, manage tables, view and edit records, manage user-privileges and more from an intuitive Windows® interface.


Downloading, installing and configuring is very simple and HeidiSQL is quickly running on your machine. Through the hierarchy on the left hand side – you can easily navigate the different database obejcts of your MySQL databases.

The main window allows you to manipulate the select objects – mainly tables – added or removing fields etc. All of the data in each table can be explored by clicking the “Data” tab. This presents a grid view of the entire table data, however BLOB fields are displayed in the bottom of the screen in the dedicated BLOB viewer and editor.

HeidiSQL’s query editor features field suggestion and completion – making work with any database a trivial task and limits the number of errors related to typing errors. Additional features of HeidiSQL includes import and export of databases, user management and more.

Furthermore, you can import data from text files, run SQL queries, synchronize tables between two databases and export selected tables to other databases or SQL scripts. HeidiSQL offers an easy-to-use interface with syntax highlighting for SQL queries and tabs to switch between database views. Other features include editing of BLOBs and MEMOs, support for large SQL scripts, user process management and more.

To download the software visit:

  • Thanks for sharing. Tried this just now and its very easy to use. I always use PHPMyAdmin and was in search for an alternate for one of my sites. This is cool !

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