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Download videos directly from most video sites

We all watch many video clips from online video sites. As we watch, we might find some videos very interesting. Next time if you want to watch your favourite video you will have wait for some time, until video gets streamed. which results in wastage of your precious time and bandwidth.

You might want to download the videos to your local drive, but many video sites do not provide any link. Here comes the solution, provides you the link.


You just copy the URL of the video you want to save and paste into the KeepVid downloader. Then KeepVid will give the direct download URL for the flash video.


Click the ›› Download Link ‹‹ to save locally. Once you have downloaded the file, rename downloaded files from (get_video / get_video.htm) to get_video.flv.

Warning: Make sure to read the video sites Terms Of Service before downloading the videos.The videos many be Copyright Protected.