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Microsoft trims Windows 7 features

Windows 7The trimming of Windows 7 has begun, features are being shredded. The latest one is graphics a API, DirectX 11 in this case.From what we are told by reliable sources. Microsoft was keen on having DirectX11 be part of Windows 7.

Microsoft is giving DirectX 11 the boot from its next version of Windows to keep hardware requirements down – apparently the DirectX 10 requirements of Vista were enough. Obviously there’s no official word on Microsoft at the moment, so we’ll reserve judgment for the time being — and hey, maybe no DirectX 11 wouldn’t ruin our year — but with the endless quantity of features cut from Vista still fresh in our memory, this is certainly not an encouraging sign if true.

With three GPU vendors out there, this means that if DirectX11 is mandated, at least a quarter of the PCs won’t run it, not to mention laptops, and that can’t happen. The DirectX9 vs DirectX10 as standard debate is also about the same thing, one company doesn’t think they will have enough horsepower by then, so they moan.

In the end, it basically says that 7 is going to be an unlucky number. If they are already hacking at the few expected features now, imagine how much more is going to be cut when they are facing real deadlines?

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