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10 Steps to Install gOS on EeePC

gos logoyou can now install Everex’s Google-centric gOS onto your system with little-to-no effort, simply by following this ten point breakdown. You’ll need an external optical drive, a wired internet connection, and probably an hour or so, but once all is said and done, you can break free of Xandros and roll deep with the Ubuntu-based gOS. How the software performs on the miniscule laptop we couldn’t say, but at least now you can show your friends how truly unique you are.
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gOS provides an environment very similar looking to OS X, but with Ubuntu at its heart. Many Google services are baked right in along with standards like Firefox and Skype. Help with gOS is available at Faqly, which is also linked right from the Dock.

Just follow these 10 simple steps:

1. Download the latest version of gOS at

2. Burn the ISO onto a CD-R or DVD-R. Place in USB drive and hold ESC while booting your EeePC. Select your USB CD/DVD drive from the menu.

3. Boot into gOS. Once inside, double-click on the Install option on the Desktop.

4. This looks a little tricky at first, as the Installer window is bigger than the EeePC screen. No worries though, just hold down the “Alt” key and drag any part of the window to see more.

5. Click through the Installer choosing either the default options, or the ones that make sense for you.

6. Sit back and let gOS Installer do its thing. Once its done, you’ll reboot from your internal SSD.

7. You’re running gOS now, but you might notice you’re missing a few critical components, like WiFi. Head over to this link and download EeePC Support for Ubuntu/Gutsy. You can do this through your EeePC’s ethernet port, or just download from another computer and throw it on a USB drive.

8. Inside gOS, click on the “G” in the upper-left hand side. Select “Run Command” and type “Terminal”.

9. From Terminal, navigate to the folder containing the EeePC Ubuntu drivers. Type “sudo ./ all”

10. Reboot.

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