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Apple unveiled the worlds thinnest Macbook Air laptop

apple macbook air laptop

Looking to build on the success of its iPod and iPhone devices, Apple Inc. introduced several new products including an ultra-thin laptop computer, dubbed the Macbook Air, and a much-anticipated online movie rental service. The new Apple notebook computer’s major attribute is its sleek profile: it’s about three-quarters of an inch thick and weighs three pounds. The Macbook Air features a full-sized keyboard, a 13-inch screen, a built-in camera, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, all powered by an Intel Corp. dual core chip. Appearing on stage at the company’s Macworld expo, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs said the computer, which he called “world’s thinnest notebook,” will cost $1,799 and is scheduled to ship in about two weeks. Ultramobile notebooks represent about 6% of the 270 million notebooks expected to the sold this year. Apple may benefit from good timing. Asus International Ltd.’s recently introduced Eee PC has topped sales charts at and is usually sold out at retail stores.

Apple’s CEO also launched the computer maker’s much-anticipated online movie rental service and unveiled an updated Apple TV device that will let viewers bypass their computers and rent movies directly from their widescreen TVs. Mr. Jobs said iTunes users can rent new-release movies to watch over their computers, iPods or iPhones for $3.99 for a 30 day period. Older titles will rent for $2.99 for the same time period. The service has the support of all major Hollywood studios including Walt Disney Co., Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal, Sony Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, News Corp.’s Fox, Lionsgate and New Line, Apple said. Mr. Jobs also disclosed Apple had sold more than four million iPhones worldwide in the 200 days since the company’s trend-setting smartphone was launched. Is this going to be another year of big success for Apple? It seems so right now…

                                                                                          Source: Rlslog, Zdnet, Macworld, WSJ

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